Welcome to St. Lawrence Roman Catholic Church, here on the east side of Indianapolis!

We have been a parish since 1949, and work hard to be a beacon of hope to our neighborhood and a good representative of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. 

I thank you for this visit to our website, and I hope you find it helpful.  Know of our prayers, and mine in particular. 

In Christ,

Fr. Tom Schliessmann

From the Pastor's Pen:

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

December 3-7 I was on my yearly retreat, and it was very good. You were all in my prayers daily, as you are everyday. This past week seems to have zoomed by. Even as of this writing (on Tuesday) we have had the Holy Day of the Immaculate Conception (2 Masses, 180+ persons Friday evening, 150+ Saturday morning), Junior High Dance, sports, a funeral, baptisms, Confirmation Rite of Enrollment, and the North Deanery Reconciliation Services. And looking ahead to Wednesday's (the 12th) celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, another funeral, sacramental preparations, and other activities in the North Deanery, we end up at this weekend's liturgies with fewer than 10 days before Christmas.
As was mentioned 2 weeks ago, surveys have shown that those who go to Mass weekly (as we are supposed to) are overwhelmingly in favor of the recent new translation of the Mass into English from the official Latin text. I hope we all continue to have two experiences side-by-side. The first is that it becomes more and more 2nd nature to us so that it does not take a lot of energy, but can form us by being a part of us. The second is that at the same time we still pay attention to the words and phrases, and meditate on their meaning, so that we are conscious of what it is we say to God, and think on what difference it makes that we use the words we use.

Perhaps one New Year's Resolution might be to read the Bible or the Catechism in a Year. I've been using the free e-mail subscription that was written about a couple months back for the Catechism, and it is very meaningful to contemplate our faith in bite-sized portions every day.

On the 19th of November someone gifted me with a Hostess cupcake. I had no discipline. I ate it before I was able to log onto E-bay to see if I could auction the thing for our parish debt. So thanks for your continued weekly contributions that keep the parish afloat.

Beginning this week, another priest of the Archdiocese will be in residence at the rectory. Fr. Joseph Pesola is stepping down from his pastorate at St. Thomas in Fortville for some medical rest. While here, Fr. Joe will be taking one of the weekend masses each week. He will also be available for some weekday Masses (please check weekly schedules in the bulletin). Fr. Joe will also probably be doing some prison ministry in Terre Haute one day a week. I know you will enjoy getting to know him and show him the same warmth and welcome you've given to me and others over the years.

In Christ and In Prayer,

Fr. Tom