Welcome to Our Catholic Community
Bienvenido a Nuestra Comunidad Catolica

Growing, Caring, Nurturing, Evangelizing
Creciendo, cuidando, nutriendo, Evangelizando

Welcome to Our Catholic Community
Bienvenido a Nuestra Comunidad Catolica

Growing, Caring, Nurturing, Evangelizing
Creciendo, cuidando, nutriendo, Evangelizando

Welcome to Our Catholic Community
Bienvenido a Nuestra Comunidad Catolica

Growing, Caring, Nurturing, Evangelizing
Creciendo, cuidando, nutriendo, Evangelizando



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Listen to Father Tom's Homily May 10, 2015



easter risen


Congratulation to all of our parishioners who received Sacraments of Initiation during the first two weeks of May


Newly Baptized – Welcome to the Kingdom
May 2: Alin Aca, Leonel Aca, Mia Mendiola Castaneda, Carlos Mendiola Castaneda, Trigo Adrian Garcia, Julian Gallegos Gonzalez, Jannet Isamar Gallegos Gonzalez, Abigail Vazquez Ibarra, and Destiny Morales Ososrio
May 9: Carly Fedor
May 10: Athena Briceida Orosco


First Communion- Nourished with the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ

May 2/3: Stephanie Aca, Daniela Sophia Aguilar, Vicente Aguilar Jr., Anthony Garrido Antunez, Alyssandra Teresa Luna Asano, Javier Levi Avila, Mauricio Jesus Cruz, Vincent Carlos Cruz, Diana Laura Cuatlacuatl, Jose Sergio Cuatlatl-Sanchez, Stephanie Cuautle, Jorge Cuaya, Carolina Cuazitl, Vanessa Cuazitl, Ayrianna Durham-Lee, Camila Figueroa, Brian Garcia-Ramirez, Christopher Eduardo Garcia, Yahir Joshua Garcia, Yasmin Garcia-Ramirez, Charles Vincent Gonzales, Edgar Guevara Jr., Denzel Hardister, Luna Hernandez, Ethan Alfonso Hodge, Chidinma Amarachukwa Iloabuchi, Brandon Lee Koers, Kara Marie Koers, Tyler Francis Henry Koers, Paula Heidi Lara, Erik Yahir Lopez-Hernandez, Aaron Mares-Gomez, Angelica Sahian Minero-Lara, Jaretzy Morales-Osorio, Gabriel O. Nieves, Edgar Willson Nopal, Juan David Nopal-Nestor, Madison Raisor, Karen Ramirez, Maria Ashley Ramirez, Cesar Jaziel Rodriguez, Johan Rodriguez, Leslie Rodriguez-Ceja, Anabel Lucille Smith, Zachary Ryan Smith, Hector Scott Teles-Ramirez, Rubi Tlapaltotoli-Juarez, Angel Toxqui-Tlatoa, Maribel Toxqui, Nancy Toxqui-Tlatoa, Mark Edward Ugo, Jacqueline Valdez-Mendez, Julio Cesar Valdez-Mendez, Fatima Monserrat Valencia-Gallegos, Laura Sandra Limón Vega, and Edwin Abraham Velazques-Toxqui


Newly Confirmed- Sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit

May 5 by Archbishop Joseph Tobin at Ss. Peter and Paul Cathedral:
Jake Abplanalp, John Bellovary, Sam Burrell, Kelsey Carnes, Holly Czachura, Rebecca Fernandez, Michael Foley, Erika Garrido, Isabel Guevara, Daniel Jamell, Meredith Kutan, Jonas Manubay, Michelle Maya, Michael Mayer, Marian Merced, Chris Murphy, David Navarro, Rachel Overstreet, and Andrew Penry


Spending time with Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is a very special way to gain grace and the spiritual strength to face the challenges of our world. Eucharistic Adoration is available here at St. Lawrence on Sundays, immediately following the noon mass until 4:00pm; on Thursdays from 8:30am until 4:00pm; and on Fridays immediately following the 8:00am mass until 3:00pm. Please consider signing up for a regular adoration time. More adorers are needed through the day on Sunday, Thursday and Friday. If these hours do not work in your schedule, please consider keeping watch at the Perpetual Adoration Chapels at St. Luke Parish or Little Flower Parish. Little Flower Parish in particular has several open hours which need filled.


The Annual Tri-parish Memorial Day Mass will be held at St. Andrew the Apostle on Monday, May 25 at 9:00 a.m. The parish communities of St. Andrew, St. Lawrence & St. Matthew celebrate together three times a year on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. Begin your holiday festivities with Mass!


Our In Giving, We Receive Program Commitment Sunday is this weekend at all Masses. We encourage all parishioners to complete and turn in your commitment cards to the church.  The Commitment Card contains information on how to plan your increased offertory gift to the church and asks for your commitment over the next year. If you have any questions regarding this program, or how to give electronically, please contact the parish office at 546-4065.

Gardening Ministry

Anyone interested in landscape beautification here at St. Lawrence, please call: Marion Dunson317-546-1457


Feeling lonely? Need a little spark in your life? Come join the Lawrence Senior Activities Club. We meet the second Wednesday of each month at the Lawrence Park Community Building, 5300 N. Franklin Road. We arrive at 12:45pm, have a luncheon, a small business meeting, then a social activity. For more information contact: Al Grannan 370-3982 or Leo Murphy 547-8100.


Dear St. Lawrence family, Do you have a musical instrument collecting dust at your house, not being used? If so, please consider donating it to St. Lawrence School! We have a band program for grades 5-8, and would love to have more school-owned instruments available for students! Even if the instrument is not in playing condition, we might be able to get it fixed up and ready to play! Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions and would like to donate, please contact Amy Holmes: aholmes@saintlawrence.net


The five Indiana bishops have issued a pastoral letter on poverty. The overall goal is to bring awareness to the suffering that is experienced by our fellow Hoosiers and motivate us all to take further responsibility for helping to relieve some of this suffering. Please take the time to read the letter and to respond to the survey that will be used to develop a pastoral plan to reduce poverty in Indiana. To read the letter and take the survey visit www.archindy.org  **Copies of the letter are also available in the white rack in the narthex at St. Lawrence **

world meetings of famliies logo


PRAYER CARDS AVAILABLE World Meeting of Families prayer cards are available in the narthex. Please take a card and pray.


At its best, the family is a school of love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, mutual respect, patience and humility in the midst of a world darkened by selfishness and conflict. In these ways, the family teaches what it means to be human. However, many temptations arise which try to coax us into forgetting that male and female are created for covenant and communion. For example poverty, affluence, pornography, contraception, philosophical and other intellectual mistakes can all create contexts that challenge or threaten healthy family life. The Church resists these things for the sake of protecting the family.
- Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive,
Catechism for the 2015 World Meeting of Families

year of consecrated life


There’s a story told about a woman who prayed to the Virgin that one of her sons would become a priest. She had seven sons, but all of them married and raised families. Then she prayed that one of her grandsons would become a priest. She had many grandsons, but none chose that life. The woman continued her prayer. She was almost 100 years old and near death when one of her grandsons, at the age of 33, decided to become a priest. She died a happy woman knowing her lifelong prayer was finally answered. The story is true, told by the priest himself. Prayer works; you just have to keep at it.  ~Take Five for Faith


June 4 – Visio Divina: Life in Community 7:00-9:00pm
Prayer and spiritual meditation using scripture and the illuminations from the St. John’s Bible, which is the first hand-written bible commissioned by a Benedictine Monastery in 500 yeaars. Cost is $20. For more info visit www.benedictinn.org or email benedictinn@benedictinn.org or call (317) 788-7581


June 14 – Butterfly Release: A Day to Remember
On Sunday, June 14, come to the Oldenburg Franciscan Center, 22143 Main Street, Oldenburg, Indiana, and honor the memorable people living or deceased who hold a special place in your heart. Prayer service begins at 1:30pm with reception following. Butterflies cost $ 15. For more info call (812) 933-6457. Sponsored by the Associates of Sisters of St. Francis, Oldenburg.


Basilica and Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation: In this Year for Consecrated Life, let the Conventual Franciscan Friars minister to you as you experience the serenity and peace of Our Lady’s presence in the shrine where she has been honored as Consoler of the Afflicted since 1875. Brother Randy, the Pilgrimage Director, will help you create a prayerful and spiritually renewing experience at our retreat house, 315 Clay Street, Carey, Ohio 43316. www.olcshrine.com (419) 396-7107


Pope Francis proclaimed 2015 a Year of Consecrated Life. Visit www.heargodscall.com to learn about local activities. Special prayer cards for the year are available on the desk in the narthex.

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